681 Vertical City is a practical combination of all functions of life, work, business, entertainment and relaxation, needed in the modern urban life.

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About the Project
  • Multifunctional complex, “under one roof”, with residential, commercial, office and entertainment area. Everything you need for a household gathered within the complex.
  • Residential area with a high degree of functionality and adaptability of interior, design and space. Bright homes of different nature with views of the city, Vitosha Mountain, or the quiet courtyard.
  • Commercial area, where popular brands, restaurants, public services and sports facilities are present. The high-end chain of the large food stores, Parkmart, will offer a wide range of high-quality items.
  • Hotel, offering all amenities of permanent residence for apartment owners. The opportunity to live “like at a hotel”, but in your own home, because of an additional service package from the hotel.
  • Multifunctional office area with HI-TECH technological and communication support. The opportunity for different organization of the spaces depending on your requirements.
  • Public space for leisure, recreation, meetings, sports and entertainment in a park environment. Tranquil and large enough courtyard with greenery and atrium to break away from the outside environment.

The Project in Numbers

  • 90 000 sq.m
    Built-up Area
  • 25 900 sq.m
    Residential Area
  • 9 800 sq.m
  • 7 900 sq.m
    Hotel Area
  • 4 600 sq.m
    Commercial Area
  • 730+
    Parking Spots
  • 200+
    Two-room, Three-room and Four-room Apartments
  • 65+ meters
    Height of the Tallest Building
  • 10 + 2
    Pedestrian Entrances + Car Entrances
Functional Zoning
The project aims to create a complex space that combines all activities of everyday life under one roof, in the spirit of the dynamic time in which we live.

  • Location
    The complex is located on Bulgaria Blvd., one of the main road links in the capital, with direct connection to the Ring Road of the city, with quick access to the central part of Sofia and within walking distance from the National Park “Vitosha” and the planned future linear park on the east side of Manastirski Livadi Quarter.
  • Convenient Transportation
    There is an excellent transport connection with various bus and tram lines from the city transport network, convenient connections to Trakia Motorway, Sofia Airport, Central Railway Station, as well as to the administrative centre of the city.
  • Public Services
    There are various public service facilities nearby, including shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, sports and medical centres.
  • Greenspace
    The ground levels of all buildings will be functionally connected to the large courtyard of the complex, to which it is provided free access for recreation, meetings, sports and entertainment in a park environment.
Technical Data Sheet
The exterior walls are 250 mm Porotherm brick wall, with 120 mm thermal insulation on the outside, exterior façade cladding and interior plaster. The exterior walls of reinforced concrete have 120 mm thermal insulation, exterior façade cladding and internal plaster.
Flat Roof
The roof is flat, reinforced concrete, with 150 mm thermal insulation above the reinforced concrete slab, reinforced cement screed and waterproofing of 10 mm PVC membrane with sprinkle. On the inside of the reinforced concrete, 20 mm of internal plaster is provided.
Terrace Roofing
The roof of the terraces is reinforced concrete, with 150 mm thermal insulation above the reinforced concrete slab, reinforced cement screed and flooring. On the inside of the reinforced concrete, 20 mm of plasterboard is provided.
Bay Window
The bay window has 120 mm thermal insulation under the reinforced concrete slab, outside - façade cladding, on top – cement mortar and flooring.
Floor Above an Unheated Premises
The floor above the unheated basement has 100 mm thermal insulation under the reinforced concrete slab, cement screed on top and flooring.
Aluminium or PVC joinery from a leading European manufacturer.
  • Floorings
    • For residential premises – cement screed without finishing flooring;
    • For ground floor, floor lobbies, balconies, loggias and terraces – cement screed and granitogres flooring;
  • Walls
    • Façade walls, walls between individual properties and internal walls – masonry 25 cm and reinforced concrete structure, gypsum plaster and finishing plaster;
  • Ceilings
    • Gypsum plaster and finishing plaster;
  • Sanitary Facilities
    • Ceiling – reinforced concrete slab and lime-cement plaster;
    • Walls – lime-cement plaster without final coating;
    • Floor – cement screed without finishing flooring;
  • Basement (Underground Car Park)
    • Ceiling – reinforced concrete slab;
    • Walls – lime-cement plaster or cement plaster with final coating of paint;
    • Floor – power-floated concrete;
  • Stairways
    • Walls and ceilings – reinforced concrete structure, gypsum plaster with finishing plaster and latex finish;
    • Steps – granitogres flooring;
    • Railing by architectural detail;
  • Mounted entrance armoured doors of the apartments, without mounted interior doors.
  • Mounted doors of the auxiliary premises.
  • Mounted automatic garage doors.
  • High-tech, comfortable and quiet electric elevators from a leading European manufacturer, without a machine room, with stops on every floor, including the underground ones.
  • Two-panel telescopic doors with infrared security curtain, luxury stainless steel cabin, stainless steel elevator cabin operating panel, mirror, polished granite flooring and LED lighting.
  • The plumbing installation will be built to a “plug” without mounted sanitary equipment. Measurement of the amount of water consumed will be carried out by pre-assembled and legalized water meters with remote reading.
  • For the sewerage installation, vertical PVC pipes are provided, with horizontal connections to each individual property, ending with a “plug” for floor line drains and a “plug” to the end consumers.
  • A system of drain holes, drainage grids and pipes for the discharge of all rainwater. Drain holes will also be mounted on the terraces.
  • Construction of pipelines for individual heating/cooling split installations, option for future mounting of gas boilers for heating and water heating for domestic needs, planned mounting of heat pumps.
  • In all sanitary and storage premises in the apartments, a ventilation system will be built.
  • Emergency ventilation system at the stairwells and elevator shafts, suction installation to lead away the polluted air from the basement levels.
  • The power supply to all consumers in the homes will come from high-end apartment electrical panels, equipped with the necessary protective equipment.
  • The lighting will be consistent with the functions that the relevant premises will perform and will be implemented with cables in corrugated pipes, hidden under the plasters, ending at a socket with a light bulb, and it will be controlled by mounted switches from place.
  • Pre-mounted wall plugs of the individual consumers, with cables in corrugated pipes, hidden under the plasters.
  • Lightning protection installation to prevent damage from direct and indirect lightning strikes on residential buildings.
  • Grounding installation to eliminate or limit the risk of damage to the electrical installation and protect people and equipment from dangerous voltages.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Telephone Installation, Internet and TV
    From mounted low voltage floor boxes to points in the apartments it will be pulled out cables for telephone installation, internet installation and cable TV. The exits of the respective installations will end with sockets, flush mounting, at a height of 0.35 m from the finished floor.
  • Doorbell and Intercom Installation
    An intercom installation in each apartment, including an intercom handset, with a connection to the ground floor, with an intercom speaker and doorbell buttons at the entrance and the apartments.
  • Safety and Security
    Automatic fire alarm system for basements and common areas of the building – on the ground floor and the floor platforms.

    Video surveillance and access control system for all residential, office and commercial buildings, including monitoring access to the basements through the entrance ramps.
Directly from the builder,
without commission from the buyer.

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