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The House with Parrots

Project under the motto “Let's bring the old façades to life.”
Restoration of the old façade of a building representative of the Sezession in Varna, also known as the “House with Parrots” because of the characteristic ornament of the pediment. The project is by architect Stefan Venedikt Popov and the façade sculpture is made by the sculptor Kiril Shivarov. The building was built in the distant 1922, as evidenced by the preserved decorative inscription above the entrance.

The desired vision for the new building is different for the two façades. The northwestern façade, due to the contact with the existing façade, is stricter, monochrome, with a repeating window raster, to be rather a background on which the proportions, details of the joinery and the façade sculpture of the old part are emphasized. For the southwestern façade, the sea view is decisive, so large window openings and long terraces are provided.

View from Above
Built-up Area
1 590 sq.m
Martin Hristov
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